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Compass Catholic Ministries offers a wide array of tools and resources to encourage a lifestyle of stewardship within a parish. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops pastoral letter on stewardship, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, states the following: “Examples of the works, services, and ministries of the good steward enumerated in the stewardship letter include the following…Financial accountability in personal and parochial affairs.”

The Compass Catholic workshops point people to God‘s Word related to their personal financial accountability, which deals with their hearts, challenging them to submit their finances to the Lord.  Our hypothesis has been proven correct time and time again: once someone realizes God owns everything and they are called to be caretakers, their financial situation improves. Increased generosity is a natural byproduct of this realization.

Catholics Parishes can more easily achieve financial stability when their parishioners are financially secure and have realized and live their role as stewards. Compass Catholic Ministries offers the following workshops to help you achieve that goal. We’re excited to offer these workshop and share these life-changing messages at your parish!

For more information about any of the events listed below, please email us at: Info@CompassCatholic.org.

From Baptisms to funerals, our parishes help form our values and provide us with a community focused on faith. When someone does not spend their money in a way that reflects their values, financial stress is soon to follow. A Parish can play a vital role in encouraging financial wellness among its parishioners. A Prosperous Parish is a three hour workshop for either parish or diocesan staff. Compass Catholic will take you through the current state of your parishioners’ financial health based on your local area demographics. We teach about financial wellness in an enjoyable, interactive way in an effort to destigmatize financial conversations. After participating in this workshop, you will be provided with actionable techniques to help both priests and parish staff feel more comfortable talking about money and empowered to build a community of faithful financial stewards.
A Journey of Generosity is a conversation about generosity among friends, guided by a facilitator. Timing is flexible based on the needs of the parish (one full day or two half days). Together we explore the life-changing message of generosity and the power it has to bring joy, freedom, and purpose. It’s called a Journey of Generosity because we are all on our own journeys and it is valuable to come together to encourage each other along the way. A Journey of Generosity is not about fundraising or donating to a specific cause or organization. It’s not about how much people give or the organizations to which they donate. It’s about sharing the narrative of generosity through stories, conversations, teachings, discernment, and the Bible. It’s about helping each individual discover the unique way God is calling them to be generous. Most importantly, it’s about discovering that stewardship is really a call to be a disciple of Christ!

Discipleship changes everything. The Go Deep! Journey Into Discipleship workshop provides a pathway for Catholics to explore fresh perspectives on how we live our everyday life. Within this workshop, we consider what guides and influences our interactions with others, the decision making process about spending, and our attitudes about success and contentment.

Go Deep! is a three hour interactive event where we dive into the true meaning of daily discipleship. It includes an engaging “World Says vs. God Says” exchange that challenges our commonly held beliefs about worldly success and happiness. We also investigate the three S’s of discipleship: Servant Leader, Steward, and Shepherd.

One of the most misquoted verses in the Bible is 1 Timothy 6:10 (“For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many pains.”)

Many people think the verse tells us that money is the root of all evil. Money is simply a tool, and like any other tool it can be used well or poorly. So many times our attitude toward money is where the line is drawn between what we give to God and what we hold close to our own hearts.

This three hour, thought provoking workshop challenges attendees to discern if they are following God’s ways or the secular world in their attitude about money and possessions.

Most marriage preparation programs touch briefly on finances. Yet money can be one of the leading causes of divorce. The three hour God Marriage and Money workshop specifically focuses on couples who are engaged to be married. Topics related to how the couple will handle money in their marriage are presented.

Time is allotted in the workshop for a couple to discuss several of the hot topics related to marital finances. The couple is provided with God Marriage & Money book to encourage additional discussion after the workshop.  The proactive discussions help finances be a blessing in their marriage as they discover, discuss and resolve financial differences before they turn into financial problems.

We are also available for Speaking Events that can be tailored to the unique message you want delivered at your parish.