Facilitators — Navigating Your Finances God’s Way

Welcome to the facilitator page. Whether you are thinking about becoming a facilitator or have been involved in the ministry for many years, you are the heroes of Compass. Facilitating the small group provides many blessings to you as you help people learn and apply financial principles from the Bible. Listed below is all the detailed information facilitators need, from how to facilitate to additional Prayer Logs and Certificates of Completion, it is all here. If you have any suggestions for additional information you would like to see posted, please contact us.

The Facilitator Training information is below. The Training Packet is a booklet for new facilitators as they learn how to facilitate the Bible study. The training packet should also be reviewed by experienced facilitators as a refresher prior to leading their next class. Additionally there are several videos to watch that will help you become a better facilitator.


The Facilitators Answer Guide is designed to provide suggested responses to questions that aren’t related to personal experience. It also provides an outline of each meeting and helps keep track of time for each section of the class.


The following answer guides are for use by the participant facilitators in weeks 5-9 of the study. You can email or print them out and give to the student facilitators so that they will have the format and answers for each of the final five weeks of class.


In order to reward the participants a Certificate of Completion can be given to each participant upon successful completion of the Bible study. This should be an occasion of celebration. If possible ask your Pastor to give these out at the end of Mass, just prior to dismissal.


Extra Prayer Logs and Care Logs are available below in case the logs in your original book have all been used.

Promotional Material

The following documents can be used to help you promote the Navigating your Finances God’s Way Bible study at your parish as you start your study groups.