10 Questions to Ask Your Parents

If anything happens to mom, dad, or your spouse, where would your family find the information in an emergency situation such as accident, illness…..

Health Care Alternatives

Health care sharing plans are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional health insurance. A health care sharing plan is typically a faith-based…..

Important Money Decisions for every Marriage

In a marriage, differing opinions about finances can trigger arguments, tension, anger, stress and worry. Money differences can drive a wedge between you. It…..

Cheap OR Frugal?

There is a difference between being cheap vs being frugal. The dictionary definition of cheap is: not costing a lot of money; of low…..

Are You Prepared for the Next Recession?

We aren’t predicting a recession tomorrow. But after such a long “Bull” run there’s bound to be a downturn sooner or later, and now…..

Online shopping

The Spiritual Impact of Debt

In all the parishes we have visited all over the world, there have only been two or three times when the priest gave a…..

Is a Financial Disaster Heading Your Way?

If it’s time to get your finances under control, you may want to consider the services of a credit counseling organization. Most reputable credit…..

Don’t Get Scammed!

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has only been compiling complaints for about 8 years. Debt collectors are the top consumer complaint category. Identity theft…..

Plan to be Content This Christmas

School just started a few weeks ago, and Christmas is probably not at the top of your priority list currently, but the best time…..

Should Children Get an Allowance?

We firmly believe that the earlier you teach children how to handle money and make them responsible for their own financial decisions, the better…..

Financial Clutter

Recently, we met with the staff of a Catholic Credit Union. We talked about ways Compass Catholic can help their members be wise financial…..

Plan to Love Your Retirement

When most people think about retirement, they only think about not working, they don’t plan what they will do every day Maybe you want…..