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The Catholic Church supports more hospitals, schools, colleges, orphanages, and other charities than any other organization in the entire world and that money comes from Catholics. 

Yet according to a study by Notre Dame, “American Catholics are less likely than the rest of the population to report giving 10 percent or more of their income as voluntary contributions, with only about one in six Catholics reporting meeting this standard. Only about one in five Catholics reported donating money specifically to the Church, and roughly two-fifths did not donate to any charitable cause, religious or otherwise, in the previous year.”

Unleashing Catholic generosity is akin to waking the sleeping giant. Generous Catholic Communities is a joint effort between Compass Catholic Ministries and Generous Giving to wake that giant.

Joined together in the Generous Catholic Communities initiative, these two organizations have a goal to inspire and motivate Catholics to give extravagantly, such that they voluntarily divert some of their spending and saving toward giving, in order to grow God’s kingdom, here on earth.

Generous Catholic Communities is not about fundraising or donating to a specific cause or organization. It’s not about how much people give or the organizations to which they donate. It’s about sharing the narrative of generosity through stories, conversations, teachings, discernment, and the Bible. It’s about helping each individual discover the unique way God is calling them to be generous.

Most importantly, it’s about discovering that stewardship is really a call to be a disciple of Christ!