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Money Coaching is a proactive ministry and not for those experiencing a financial emergency. If you need the assistance of a non-profit credit counselor, please review the following PDF to help you choose the more appropriate organization to work with. Note: Compass Catholic Ministries does not endorse or recommend any financial products or services.

Why is Money Coaching a Necessary Ministry?

Money Coaching Can:

Reduce Parishioners’ Financial Stress
Financial concerns are rated by Americans as their top stressor. This outranks work, family responsibilities, and health concerns combined. Financial stress may cause Catholics to experience spiritual decay or even fall away from the Church entirely. Compass Catholic Money Coaches can work with fellow Catholics to proactively address the causes of financial stress to include debt, credit, and lack of savings.

Address Obstacles To Stewardship
By participating in Money Coaching, Catholics can link their everyday spending behaviors with their role as faithful financial stewards. The United States Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on Stewardship (Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response), states, “We know what it is to struggle against selfishness and greed, and we realize that it is harder for many today to accept the challenge of being a Christian steward. It is essential, therefore, that we make a special effort to understand the true meaning of stewardship and live accordingly.”

Encourage Biblically Informed Financial Principles
Compass Catholic Ministries teaches financial principles from an authentically Catholic viewpoint using the Bible, the Catechism, quotes from saints and popes and the United States Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on Stewardship (Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response) to help people become good stewards of God’s many blessings. Compass Catholic Ministries is a Nonprofit 501c3 organization.

All Of This With Ministry Mindset
Compass Catholic Money Coaches are volunteers and are trained with a ministry mindset. Other faith-based coach training programs cost much more because they assume their coaches will charge clients for services. Compass Catholic Money Coaches do not experience financial gain by coaching and cannot recommend any financial products or services.

Money Coaching FAQ’s

What is Compass Catholic Money Coach Training?
Money Coaches help Stewards (our term for clients) create and implement a biblically influenced action plan to accomplish a financial goal. The Money Coach also can act at an accountability partner throughout the Money Coaching Process. Compass Catholic trains, certifies, and provides ongoing support for Coaches who provide this service as a ministry within their parishes and local communities.  The Money Coaches work 1:1 with Stewards for a total of 5 Money Coaching Sessions.

Are there any requirements to register for Money Coach training?
You must have completed an approved Compass Catholic Bible Study.  A letter of recommendation from your Pastor is also required.

How long does the Money Coach training take to complete?
The training consists of four training modules.  One module is pre-recorded and three will be live, group training sessions. Each training module will take place utilizing the Zoom video teleconferencing platform.  Each module lasts between 1-2 hours.  Training is offered on an ongoing basis and can be completed according to your schedule.

Do Money Coaches sell any financial goods or services?

Absolutely not.  Compass Catholic Ministries does not recommend any specific investments or financial products.  No one is authorized to use their affiliation with Compass Catholic Ministries to promote the sale of any investments or financial services.

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