How To Start A Compass Study

Compass Studies can re-energize your parish by changing hearts one at a time. Our Bible studies are effective evangelization tools. As people make a connection between their faith and their finances, it opens their hearts to evaluate how they handle money and possessions.

Getting Compass Started at Your Parish
Each parish is unique and has its own personality, so it is important to start Compass in your community in a way that is most effective for your particular circumstances. Following are some ideas and things to think about.

To successfully implement any ministry in a parish, it is essential to have the active support of the church leadership, especially the pastor. If further information is needed, please contact us at:

Compass is a great tool to use as part of a successful, comprehensive Stewardship way of life in a parish. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops pastoral letter on stewardship, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, states the following:  “Examples of the works, services, and ministries of the good steward enumerated in the stewardship letter include the following…Financial accountability in personal and parochial affairs.” The Compass studies help people to go beyond understanding the “how to” or practical application of personal finances. It points people to God‘s Word, which deals with our hearts, confronting dishonesty, greed, discontent, and materialism, challenging us to submit our finances to the Lord. The Compass Catholic studies can be a key to heart change in the stewardship journey of your parish.

The team may consist of laypersons and/or members of the parish staff who will provide leadership for Compass Catholic Ministries in the parish. The pastor should be involved in the selection process. The small team (3-4 people) helps with details, such as sign-up, ordering material, bulletin announcements, pulpit announcements, meeting room, and scheduling logistics, etc.

Since each parish is different, there are several ways to start the Compass Catholic Ministries Bible study at your parish.  Any decisions should be made with the knowledge and cooperation of the pastor:
-Handpick the first group of students. This can be any group of Catholic leaders from your parish.
-Have a parish organization, such as the parish council, stewardship committee, finance committee, or parish staff, form the first small group.
-Open up enrollment in the Bible study to the entire parish and ask for volunteer facilitators from the sign-ups.
-Host a one day Compass Catholic workshop “It’s not about the Money, It’s About the Change” and have sign-up for the small group Bible study at the workshop.

The number of small groups the parish wants to start determines the number of facilitators. Pray for guidance on the number of groups to offer. The groups should be no larger than 12 people, including the facilitators. We strongly recommend two facilitators (from separate households) for each group. We want the facilitators to be from separate households because if there is an emergency at home or some type of schedule conflict, and a husband and wife are the only facilitators, the class will have to be cancelled if they are not available. Having facilitators from two different households mitigates this situation.

If you are interested in getting involved or if you have any questions, please contact us by filling out the form below.