Compass Catholic Ministries is staffed by volunteers who are passionate about using their time, talent and treasure to serve God through this ministry.

As lay ministers, volunteers must be committed to serving God first and acting in a way that makes service to Him the fundamental basis of their ministry. They also need to have a personal sense of ownership and a real commitment to the vision of seeing Catholics fully engaged in their faith and joyfully fulfilling the unique purpose God has for their lives.

Several Volunteer opportunities are available

Small Group Facilitator

Responsible for leading a Compass Bible study by following the Compass process. Training is available from the Facilitator Page after you create a user ID and password to access the facilitator page.

The Parish Volunteer

Focuses their efforts on co-ordinating Compass classes and promoting Compass within a single parish. Details can be found here.

The Area Volunteer

Promotes Compass within a local area. The size of the area can be as small as two parishes, or as large as a particular city, an entire state or even multiple states. Details can be found here.

The Workshop Leader

Is comfortable speaking in a large group environment and delivers prepared Compass workshop presentations that are approximately 4 – 7 hours long. Workshop Leaders must be vetted and trained. Details can be found here.

Other Opportunties

Grant Writing, Videographers, Guest Blogger, Editor, Ghost Writer, Translator, Proof Reader.

If you are interested in getting involved or if you have any questions, please contact us.

As a volunteer, you should never use your affiliation with Compass Catholic to promote or influence the sale of any investments or financial services or professional services. Compass Catholic does not endorse, recommend, or sell any financial investments. No one may use their affiliation with Compass Catholic to promote or influence the sale of any financial products or services. Compass Catholic does not give specific investment advice.

Learn More About Getting Invlolved

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