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What are Generous Communities?

Unleashing Catholic generosity is akin to waking the sleeping giant. Generous Communities is a joint effort between Compass Catholic Ministries and Generous Giving to wake that giant. Generous Communities is not about fundraising or donating to a specific cause or organization. It’s not about how much people give or the organizations to which they donate. It’s about sharing the narrative of generosity through stories, conversations, teachings, discernment, and the Bible. It’s about helping each individual discover the unique way God is calling them to be generous. It’s about discovering that stewardship is really a call to be a disciple of Christ.

Who is Generous Communities?

Joined together in the Generous Communities initiative, Compass Catholic Ministries and Generous Giving have a goal to inspire and motivate Catholics to give extravagantly, such that they voluntarily divert their spending and saving toward giving, in order to grow God’s kingdom, here on earth. Compass Catholic Ministries has over 30 years’ experience teaching basic stewardship principles. From how to develop a budget to spending, saving, giving, and honesty, the Compass Catholic books, Bible studies, podcasts and blogs help people understand that God owns everything and we are simply his stewards. The Compass Vision is to encourage faith formation and transformation, from an authentically Catholic approach to understanding personal financial responsibilities and blessings, as God’s stewards. Generous Giving’s mission is to spread the biblical message of generosity. It was launched with a vision to stir a renewed, spirit-led commitment to generosity among followers of Christ through conversation where people can share, hear about the generosity journey of others and start their own journey. Through Generous Communities, tens of thousands of people will have asked and answered the question “How much?” “How much money will satisfy me?” “How much money do I really need for my lifestyle?” “How much can I give?” “How much does my faith tie to my generosity?”

Why Generous Communities?

It is easy for Catholics to give to a specific cause or need. In fact, The Catholic Church supports more hospitals, schools, colleges, orphanages, and other charities than any other organization in the entire world and that money comes from Catholics. Yet according to a study by Notre Dame, “American Catholics are less likely than the rest of the population to report giving 10 percent or more of their income as voluntary contributions, with only about one in six Catholics reporting meeting this standard. Only about one in five Catholics reported donating money specifically to the Church, and roughly two-fifths did not donate to any charitable cause, religious or otherwise, in the previous year.” “How do we develop among ourselves, our priests, seminarians, and lay people a spirituality of giving that offers a biblical concept of stewardship?” Generous Communities will provide the tools and resources to answer that question.