Frequently Asked Questions

Overall the biggest difference is that Compass Catholic is targeted to Catholics as it provides an authentically Catholic approach to finances. The Bible study, Navigating Your Finances God’s Way, has an imprimatur from The Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando. In addition to over 350 Bible verses that show the Scriptural basis for good money management. The study includes references to the Sacraments; the Catechism; the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on Stewardship, Stewardship a Disciple’s Response; and quotes from saints and popes.

Compass Catholic is a ministry focused on helping people deepen their Catholic faith and apply it in everyday situations. Our vision is to see people become financially free so they can fulfill the unique purpose God has for them. All too often, answering God’s call is restricted by financial constraints. Compass Catholic is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit ministry and is funded by book sales and donations. Compass Catholic focuses on the spiritual transformation which leads to a financial transformation.

The Compass Catholic Navigating Your Finances God’s Way study focuses on God’s ownership and our role as stewards. We encourage participants to begin giving as their #1 priority as a way to honor God and acknowledge him as the owner and provider of everything we have.

Compass Catholic Ministries and Dave Ramsey/FPU have similar goals—to make people smart consumers and wise spenders. There are only so many ways to do this: track your spending; spend less than you make; develop a debt payment plan; have an emergency fund and it’s pretty much the same on all fronts. The difference is that Compass Catholic Ministries takes a totally Catholic approach to this goal by integrating our faith into the financial principles. Our experience has been that when people learn the financial principles from a faith perspective it changes everything.  

Yes, we are associated with Howard Dayton and we are very grateful to Howard as the original Crown Ministries class we took many years ago changed our lives. When Howard left Crown Ministries and started Compass-finances God’s way he graciously allowed and encouraged us to revise his material to speak to the Catholic heart. We did that by using verses from a Catholic Bible, integrating the sacraments and the Catechism of the Catholic Church and using references from Stewardship – A Disciple’s Response (A Pastoral letter from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Compass Catholic is on Radio Maria on Mondays at noon. You can also listen to our podcast on Podbean. Links to both are on the Compass Catholic home page.

Navigating Your Finances God’s Way is available in Spanish. A Polish translation is in progress; a draft in French has been completed and an English version is being contextualized for Canada. Your Money Counts is available in both English and Spanish. In German only in an eBook format is available. Translation to Brazilian Portuguese is underway; and an English version is being contextualized for Canada.

The eBook version lives in the cloud and can be used from any of your devices (tablet, smart phone or computer). Mousing over the Bible verse (Luke 16:11) displays that verse. From that verse, you can click to open the Bible. Other electronic files are embedded in the eBook, such as links to the worksheets in the studies; videos and the audio notes for each week.

Information about how to start a Compass Bible Study at your parish is available from the “Get Involved” link on the Compass Catholic website. You can also gather together a group of friends and start a study in your home.

Parishes may run Compass Bible studies several times a year or just once a year. To get the latest info on where classes are being held, please contact us via email at Also, please sign up for our newsletter so you know when we are offering on line classes.

If there are only one or two people who will be facilitating, training is available from the Compass Catholic website via a workbook and associated videos when you register as a facilitator. If there are many people in a parish or diocese who want to be facilitators, we can do on site training. Please contact us at for more info.

Compass Catholic is totally funded from book sales and donations.

Running a ministry is similar to running a small business, as there are lots of infrastructure costs to pay, such as the office/storehouse, telephone, internet, computer programs, website, book printing, travel, conference fees, etc. The donations help to cover many of these costs. The founders of the ministry work as full time volunteers and do not take a salary from ministry funds.

We are a separate 501(c)3 and do not fall under the diocesan organization. However, our bishop knows us well and supports what we are doing. He has asked us to address the Priests Convocation and also newly ordained priests to help spread the word on managing money in a way that honors our call to be disciples of Christ.

We have held workshops or Bible studies in Poland, Croatia, Singapore, Mexico, Columbia and the Dominican Republic.

To avoid a conflict of interest, Compass Catholic does not recommend any specific investments or financial professionals. No one is authorized to use their affiliation with Compass to promote the sale of any investments or financial services.

Discrimination and harassment are antithetical to the mission of Compass Catholic Ministries, INC. and will not be tolerated. Compass Catholic Ministries, INC. complies with all applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws and does not engage in prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, gender, age, or disability in either employment or the provision of services. Nothing in this policy shall require Compass Catholic Ministries to act in a manner contrary to the beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church and to Compass Catholic Ministry’s mission as an apostolate of the Catholic Church in the United States.