Are We Faithful With Worldly Wealth?

Our daughter is saving to go on a class trip next year and, since she’s not old enough to hold down an actual job, I headed to the library for some fund-raising/money-making type books for students to give her some ideas.  While I was browsing, a few other books caught my eye related to building […]

Stop Repeating Financial Mistakes on Groundhog Day

As February approaches, many television networks are gearing up to air day-long marathons of the movie Groundhog Day.  This cult classic documents the lead character, played by Bill Murray, as he wakes up to find that the previous day is repeating itself, over and over again, and he must correct his mistakes to push through […]

What do you worship?

Have I treated people, events or things as more important than God? The First Commandment tells us that we should not “have strange gods before me.” In this secular society, how many people actually keep the First Commandment and honor God above all else? In today’s world, we are constantly deluged with the idea that the […]

We can’t save ourselves through our wealth.

The problem, Pope Francis explained in his homily yesterday how sometimes we want to save ourselves, “and we believe that we can do it, for example basing our security on money — and we think: I have money, I am secure, [I have it] all, there are no worries, I have dignity: the dignity of […]