What’s Your Definition of Financial Success?

Too many times we define financial success according to an outside standard instead of defining it for ourselves. We look at the person with the six-figure income as financially successful. Or we think the person with the biggest, fanciest car is financially successful. Or we think the people who live in the high-class area of […]

How Much Money Does it Take to Feel Wealthy?

Money is a key issue for Americans. Credit Card debt now totals more than $1 Trillion. Student loan debt now totals more than $1.5 Trillion. Financial issues are the leading cause for divorce. Basically, money is a key source of stress in our lives. Many people in a recent Charles Schwab survey showed that there […]

Middle Class Money Mistakes

According to a Pew Research study done in 2014, the middle class is defined as people who have an annual salary between $42,000 – $125,000. That is a huge wide margin between the low end and the high end. If you are on the low end of the income level, you are probably struggling to […]

Work is More Than a Job

We are all called to be workers. In the earliest part of the creation story God, the universe’s first worker, gave Adam the garden to “tend and keep” (Genesis 2:15).  The first thing God did with Adam was to put him to work. Work was given to man as a gift, before original sin, not […]

How to Pick a Bank and Avoid Fees

We’ve dealt with quite a few banks over the years, as we’ve moved from one location to another (we are currently living in our 9th house) and we’ve usually picked our bank based on how convenient it was to our house. That is definitely not the best way to make a decision about where to […]

An Abundant Life

Do you consider an abundant life as having everything you want or as appreciating everything you have? One of the major challenges that people face in dealing with money and possessions is understanding the role God plays in finances. Do we really believe that God owns everything? Do we acknowledge that in our mind and […]

Ideas for a Simple Christmas

Christmas can be a peaceful time to make memories and share love or a time of unbridled consumerism.  Here are some ideas to help you keep things simple this year. Evelyn Bean Care Package – create a gift that take more time and effort than money and make it special to each person: Notice the […]

Interest Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve Board passed on the opportunity to raise the prime interest rate in September, but it is a forgone conclusion that it won’t be long before the rate does rise, maybe as early as their next meeting in December. When it happens, higher interest rates will affect each typical American family in different […]

How Much is Enough?

Watching commercials, browsing catalogues, visiting on line shopping sites, watching shopping networks on TV, reading advertisements and interacting with social media about different products makes you want it all now! We’re living in a society where folks feel they need that instantaneous fulfillment and everything in our culture encourages us to buy, buy, buy. The […]

7 Things The Middle Class Can No Longer Afford

During economic discussions, we often hear about the financial burden that’s placed on the middle class. So, who are the middle class? Though there is some debate over the exact income a middle class household brings in, we do have an idea of who the middle class are — most working class people. They are […]