Speed Bumps on the Road to Financial Freedom? Take Courage!

Picture this: You’ve just finished the nine-week Bible Study, Navigating Your Finances God’s Way. You’ve got your budget belt tightened up and you are primed to check off the first box on the Money Map and you have $500 saved toward your goal of $1,000 for the Emergency Fund. Then, a family member gets injured […]

Tell Yourself “No!”

I feel like I get tempted fairly often to purchase things that are not really necessary, even though they may be useful. I know I’ve written about temptations to buy things based on little ads that I see or being in a store and being tempted to over-buy because of a sale. But I feel […]

Planning for Retirement: Part III

Continuing our series on retirement planning, we’ve already touched on diversifying our investments to account for downturns in the market. We’ve made sure that we’re knowledgeable about extra expenses that might arise as a result of limited mobility or other physical limitations that come with age. Along those lines, we also need to be realistic […]

Planning for Retirement: Part II

In my last post, I touched on some basic retirement planning concepts. A brief analysis of your assets, contributions to retirement savings, expected retirement expenses, and goals is a good place to start your analysis and get a snapshot of your progress. One area many people overlook is how their expenses may change in retirement. […]

Planning For Retirement: Part I

We hear on the news and from many other resources about the importance of planning for retirement. Many financial websites include retirement calculators to help us create a saving target based on certain factors such as our age today vs. our planned retirement age, our current expenses vs. expenses in retirement, and the amount we […]

Time, Talents, and Treasures: Keeping Our Perspective, Part II

I was telling a friend recently about some of the jobs my husband tackles around the house (I like to use that verb to describe his handiwork because he’s a former football player and still loves the game). His most recent project was a really big one – painting the outside of our house! I […]

Time, Talents, and Treasures: Keeping Our Perspective, Part I

Throughout the year in the Mass readings, the subjects of tithing and being a good steward often come up. We hear the parable about the workers that come to the field at various times of the day, yet all are paid the same wage when the work is done. We listen to story of the […]

Spring Has Sprung!

Wow, what a transformation we’ve seen in the weather! The majority of the country has been under multiple feet of snow until just a few weeks ago and now we’re (almost??) ready to don our bathing suits and flip-flops. However, this time of year can also bring some lax attitudes when it comes to budgets […]

Days Longer than 24 Hours…

The next few days will still have 24 hours, but they might prove to be even longer than usual. Our daughter left this morning on a class trip to Washington DC – halfway across the country. She put a great deal of effort into fundraising for this trip and now she is reaping the dividends […]

Debt Payment “Metamorphosis”

About a month ago, I reviewed the Debt Snowball that we teach in our nine-week Bible study (Navigating Your Finances God’s Way).  The Debt Snowball is a systematic method of paying off debts by paying off the debt with the lowest first, then once that debt is paid off, using that amount plus the minimum […]