The Money Map: Destination Four

At Destination Four, it’s starting to feel like we’re really getting somewhere.  This is the time when we turn from aggressive debt payment to aggressive savings. At this point, we are completely debt-free with the possible exception of a mortgage payment.  In Destination Four we save for major purchases; retirement (True Financial Freedom); education and […]

The Money Map: Destination Three

After you have completed Destination Two on the Money Map, it’s time to celebrate!  Go to the movies and get dessert afterwards.  Have a make-your-own-sundae party for the family. Do a picnic in the park.  Whatever you do, celebrate your achievements (and stay within your budget)! In Destination Two, you increased your emergency fund to […]

The Money Map: Destination Two

As you continue on your road to financial freedom, it is time to take a look at Destination Two. By completing Destination One, you should have $1,000 in an emergency fund.  You should know where all your pennies are spent through the use of a spending plan. And you should be on your journey to […]

The Money Map: Destination One

Even with proper education and study, there may be times in our lives when we have difficulty determining the next step for our financial future. We can become confused if our savings, investments, and debt repayment seem to be going in different directions and it feels like we’re trying to do everything all at once, […]

The Money Map: Using Your Bonus

At any given time, we may find ourselves blessed by an unexpected large amount of money, whether it’s a tax refund or a nice bonus check from a job well done at work or an unexpected gift. The amount need not qualify as a “windfall,” but typically any extra money that comes to us unexpectedly […]

And Their Eyes Were Opened

It’s that time of year again! At our parish, we are preparing for our annual Compass workshop (It’s Not About the Money, It’s About the Change) and gearing up for our fall Bible Study (Navigating Your Finances God’s Way), which means we will be revisiting the principles we have been putting into practice for several […]

A Victory Garden

Recently, I wrote about some of the skills that our parents and grandparents took for granted which we are not teaching our children any more. One of the most important skills I didn’t mention, and saved for today, is planting and tending a garden. I think it is so important that it warranted its own […]

The Lost Arts

I was reading a book recently about frugal living (surprise!). While I can’t say that I relate entirely to the author’s perspective because he lives in rural Vermont and I’ve always lived in a city or suburban setting, I did find common ground with some parts of his book that I would like to share, […]

It All Started With The Dishwasher

Well, in the life and times of the Simple Steward, and really for all of us, there will be moments when frugality is not defined by what would seem to be within our control. In the past, I have written about thriftiness and maintenance as a way of life, especially when our eyes are opened […]

On A “Budget”?

It seems like I hear “on a budget” quite a bit in news snippets or various articles, especially those that might be referring to vacationing or sticking to a special diet. I must say I am getting a little annoyed with the “on a budget” catch-phrase because my ears perk up when I hear these […]