The Nitty Gritty: When You Thought There Was Nothing Left to Cut

They don’t call me the Simple Steward for nothing! Wait…that’s a double negative…let’s try that again. I am known as the Simple Steward for a reason. That’s better! I am known as the Simple Steward because I have dramatically reduced our household spending by taking measures that most people don’t or won’t take.  Many of […]

More Grocery Saving Tips

I have written previously about some of the ways we can reduce our grocery budgets and found that I had to wean my kids off of some of the snack habits I had created when I had been buying a lot of the packaged items at the store. My solution was to make certain things […]

Snack Happy? Cut Back!

As I continue my rant on grocery spending, I thought I would devote an entire article to snack foods.  When I went over my grocery budget with a fine-toothed comb, I found that I was spending a large portion of my monthly budget on snacks.  I like to think that I was being conscientious about […]

Scaling Back: What I Don’t Buy

I often get bewildered looks from people when they find out that I only allot between $300-$400 per month for my grocery budget. My family consists of the five of us as well as two indoor cats and a few fish … if we want to be technical about it since we spend some of […]

Tightening the Belt on Food Spending

As we wrap up another nine-week session of the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Bible Study, I am finding that the question of how to reduce the grocery budget continues to crop up.  Session after session, participants find that one of the most logical places to reduce their spending is in the food category, yet […]

Emergency Preparedness

Last week we discussed having a Crisis Budget in place in case of losing spending power, income reduction or job loss.  This week I’d like to draw our attention to a different type of emergency, one that requires more than pen and paper to be done correctly.  I’m talking about Emergency Preparedness.   Emergency preparedness […]

Are You Prepared?

In one section of our Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Bible Study, we address “crisis.”  A crisis can be different in every family, and be caused by different problems such as losing a job, a major illness or the birth of a special needs child, but the backbone of this section is to take a […]

The Money Map – Destination Seven

There are seven destinations on the Compass Map … you start at Destination One and save a $1,000 for emergencies, begin using a budget and begin giving. Then step-by-step, destination-by-destination, you make progress. Your emergency savings grow and you become a cheerful generous giver. You pay off your credit cards then your car and student […]

Destination Six: Education Funded and Home Mortgage Paid Off

We’ve come a long way on the Journey toward Financial Freedom!  At Destination Six, there is a nice nest egg building in the retirement account and money has been set aside for emergencies. Cars and debts have been paid off and now we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. At Destination Six the […]

The Money Map: Destination Five

Destination Five on the Money Map tackles one very large expensive item: Buying a home and paying off the mortgage. It is also the benchmark where you have the children’s education fully funded. If you are in the market to purchase a home, make sure to look carefully at your budget so you don’t end […]