Mid-Year Tax Review

We are a few months past tax time, and as usual there were lots of complaints. One of those complaints is that taxes are not biblical. Remember the verse from Mark 12:17: “So Jesus said to them [Pharisees], ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’ They were utterly […]

Great Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

The tax filing deadline is rapidly approaching. Many of you have already filed your return and you may already have your refund in hand. If you have not filed your taxes yet, you are probably procrastinating. Maybe you just hate the whole tax filing process. Or maybe you are putting it off because you owe […]

Tax Planning – It’s About Seeing More Money in Your Paycheck!

Some people think that paying income tax to the government is not biblical, but remember the verse from Mark 12:17: “So Jesus said to them (the Pharisees), ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’ They were utterly amazed at him.” Filing your tax return is a once-a-year event […]

Tax Savings Ideas

In Mark 12:17, we hear the story about the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus   by asking him the question, “Is it right to pay the imperial tax or not?”  If Jesus said “No” then he would be considered an enemy of Rome and if he said “Yes” his reputation with the people would be undermined. […]

Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to pay taxes and complaining about them seems to be a national pastime, especially at this time of year. The annual process of gathering information then completing what seems to be a mountain of paperwork can leave us feeling frustrated and irritated. And if you are like 99% of Americans […]

Tax Cheats

Last week we blogged about getting organized so tax time is less stressful and more automated. This week’s blog is about another aspect of tax time – cheating! Most of us don’t enjoy paying taxes and many of us object to the way our tax money is being used. Some people even go so far […]

It’s Tax time!

For many people getting ready for tax time is full of stress, tension and anxiety. Most people have receipts, statements, stubs and other tax information scattered all over the house. I remember one year when we lived in a very small apartment, our tax statements arrived in the mail on the same day we were […]

How do YOU approach taxes?

Do you have a Godly approach to your taxes? Jesus was questioned about paying taxes to Caesar Check out this short video for a Biblical perspective on Taxes.