Back to Basics: Clothing

Continuing with our Back-to-Basics series, another potentially problematic area in our spending plan is clothing.  I find it interesting when I coach people on their finances to find that most don’t have any amount budgeted for clothing.  Ironically, they are wearing clothes so it would follow that something was spent on clothing at some point. […]

An Important Conversation to Have With Your Parents

It’s a hard fact of life that our parents won’t be here forever. No matter how old they are, we are never fully prepared for them to die. Sirach 18:9-10 tells us, “The number of their days seems great if it reaches a hundred years. Like a drop of water from the sea and a […]

Back To Basics: Transportation

The transportation category of your spending plan will vary from family to family and from city to city.  I grew up in Chicago where transportation usually referred to a bus, taxi, or train.  Even with those options available I mainly walked or rode my bike everywhere.  After graduating from college, I moved to New York […]

Back to Basics: Insurance

Insurance is one of those areas that has become increasingly complicated. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot of people throwing their hands in the air, not even really understanding what they’ve signed up for because they just want to be done with it.  It is important to assess your insurance needs carefully and take into consideration […]

Do Not Become Slaves of Men

Have you ever seen a commercial or other advertisement for a debt consolidation company? Invariably, these companies offer prospective customers a thorough evaluation of their current debts with the ultimate goal of helping them to become debt-free. Take a moment to linger on that last word: “free.” When people find themselves in debt, they are […]

Back to Basics: Electricity

Part of achieving our goals to follow a path of stewardship involves getting back to basics.  Over the next few weeks I will tackle several areas in a typical household budget to see if any of the ideas presented will help you shave a little off here and there.  Even small changes, when added up, can result […]

It’s Never Too Early to Save

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of teaching your children the principles of financial responsibility so they can become wise spenders, generous givers and intentional savers.  Having children perform specific tasks and granting allowances for a job well done is a great tool for training good stewards. Your approach to your child’s financial […]

The Strongest Steel Is Forged in the Hottest Fires

Everyone, even those with the best-laid financial plans, will face crises in their lives. A crisis can be something as small as a week-long illness or as large as a loss of housing due to a natural disaster. Regardless of the nature or scale of the crisis, it usually comes with some sort of financial […]

In With the Old?

In preparation for our children going back to school, we are given a list of supplies needed, for their own use and sometimes supplies for the classroom as well. So we head off to the local office supply store or a general merchandise store in order to try to get as many items knocked off […]

Seek God’s Wisdom

Do you feel like you’ve spent a lot of time poring over various books intended to help you reduce your budget or at least get a good handle on your spending merely to find that the only real difference among them is the catchy title?  While the intentions of these books are all good, I […]