Mastery Over Money

Do you disconnect your faith from the more secular aspects of life? If you are like most people, you spend one hour a week in church and are focused on consumerism and materialism the rest of the week. Step away from that a moment and ask yourself this question: “Is what I am doing with […]

The Last 3 Building Blocks of Parish Stewardship

In a previous BLOG, we wrote about the first four building blocks of stewardship in a parish: The first building block is Eucharist. The celebration of Mass is the source and summit of our lives as faithful Catholics. The liturgical prayers throughout the Mass flow from the heart of stewardship. The second building block is […]

Work Is a Four Letter Word

Have you ever had a bad boss?  Someone who didn’t communicate clearly what they wanted, someone who had unreasonable expectations, no real concern for you as a person, who played favorites among the staff, someone who sat in the corner office and acted like a dictator?  Most people have probably had a bad boss at […]