Thinking About Investing? Start Here!

Proverbs 21:20 tells us, “Precious treasure remains in the house of the wise, but the fool consumes it.” When you invest in order to take care of your future needs you are keeping precious treasure in your house, which is a good thing. BUT investing with the simple goal of accumulating more and more wealth […]

Apps are a Great Tool for Beginning Investors

When you are just beginning to think about financial planning for your future self, apps are a great way to start investing. This type of investment strategy is targeted to the small investor who does not need a typical hands-on personal financial advisor. Investing at an early age is ideal because when you start early, […]

Navigating Your Finances God’s Way – Work, Save and Invest.

Work was given to man not as a punishment but as a gift. The first thing God did with Adam was to put him to work. In the earliest part of the creation story we hear that God, the universe’s first worker, gave man the garden to “tend and keep” (Genesis 2:15). We may think […]

What is Your Stock Market Mentality?

I was recently reading an article by Dr. Jim Denison about the volatility of the stock market, especially as it has fluctuated this spring. January started at 25,369.13; by the end of January it reached a high of 26,149.39 and a few days into February market lost 3,000 points. Do these wild fluctuations bother you? […]

What is Socially Responsible Investing?

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) or Socially Responsible Investing, (SRI) is gaining in popularity around the US.  BRI is an attempt by investors to align their investment decisions with their personal belief system and convictions. You know there is nothing in the Bible that gives you specific investment advice or tells you which stocks to buy […]

Money Saving Ideas

One of the things people often do not appreciate about saving is how fast the savings grow when you save small amount for a long time on a regular basis. Don’t wait till some arbitrary time in the future when you feel like you have enough money to save. It’s important to start now, even […]

Saving and Investing

Wondering whether you should save or invest? The answer is yes! Both are necessary for a well-balanced financial future. Saving is putting money aside, bit by bit, for a specific purpose. Saving is a way to reach short-term goals, usually the things you plan to do within the next five to ten years. We encourage everyone […]

To save or Not to Save – That is the Question

Today’s blog title is a take off on a scene from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In this scene, Prince Hamlet was contemplating the meaning of life. Today’s blog contemplates the reason for saving. The savings rate of the average American has hovered around 5% for the last several years. The personal saving rate is the net […]

Adults Kids, Parents and Money

Most parents look forward to a visit from their adult children…but what if that visit includes all their worldly possessions, two grandchildren, a ten-week-old puppy, two hamsters and no plans to move out? There are any number of reasons adult children may move back home but by far the most common one is money. A […]

Celebrate and Rejoice!

Our (previous) hometown team recently won the Stanley Cup (Go Pens!!) The San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburgh Penguins displayed a lot of passion, hard work and discipline in the regular season and in their approach to the NHL championship series. The final round was a demanding seven-game series and both teams have a lot […]