I’m Retiring – What Now?

After years of the “for better or for worse” that comes with every marriage, you already know that you and your spouse won’t agree on everything. And you have probably worked out ways to compromise that are unique to you as a couple. Now is the time to put that compromise to work as you […]

Retiring During a Recession

Retiring during a recession is the same as retiring at any other time, but with a LOT more caution and thought. Many of the decisions about what you can and can’t do in retirement will be based on your financial situation. Some people may have enough money to live their dream lifestyle, but even more […]

Plan to Love Your Retirement

When most people think about retirement, they only think about not working, they don’t plan what they will do every day Maybe you want to play golf, go fishing, cruise around the local lakes in your boat, or travel to some beautiful and exotic places in the world. But your financial situation may limit your […]

Don’t Retire – Rewire

The title of today’s blog is borrowed from a book of the same title written by Jeri Sedlar of the Conference Board. When most people think about retirement, they only think about not working, they don’t really think about what they will do or how they will keep themselves busy. Maybe you want to play […]

Retiring? What Will You do With Your 401K?

When you are preparing for retirement there are a ton of financial implications. The biggest one is the amount of money you have available each month to cover your living expenses. Do you need money from savings to supplement that income, and if so, how long will your savings last? An up to date, active […]

Retirement Planning

If you are thinking about retirement, are you planning how you will spend your time or does retirement simply conjure up thoughts of not working? How will you fill your days when there is no backlog of projects on your desk, no meetings, no emails that absolutely have to be responded to immediately, no boss […]

Planning for Retirement: Part III

Continuing our series on retirement planning, we’ve already touched on diversifying our investments to account for downturns in the market. We’ve made sure that we’re knowledgeable about extra expenses that might arise as a result of limited mobility or other physical limitations that come with age. Along those lines, we also need to be realistic […]