Health Care Alternatives

Health care sharing plans are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to traditional health insurance. A health care sharing plan is typically a faith-based organization, which facilitates voluntary sharing among members for eligible medical expenses.  Members send in monthly “shares” (which is similar to a premium) and that share covers the medical expenses of other […]

Health Care Sharing Plans – Part 2

To help you decide if a health care sharing plan is right for you and your family, we are going to look at things to think about and questions to ask. Several plans have restrictions on the doctors available to you. If you live in a large metropolitan area, this may not be a problem, […]

Health Care Sharing Plans – Part 1

Health care costs seem to be rising every year, which has increased the popularity of some alternatives to traditional health insurance. These are called health care sharing plans. They operate at a cost that is well below traditional health insurance but they may be restrictive with their benefits. To help you decide if one of […]