I’m Retiring – What Now?

After years of the “for better or for worse” that comes with every marriage, you already know that you and your spouse won’t agree on everything. And you have probably worked out ways to compromise that are unique to you as a couple. Now is the time to put that compromise to work as you […]

Retiring During a Recession

Retiring during a recession is the same as retiring at any other time, but with a LOT more caution and thought. Many of the decisions about what you can and can’t do in retirement will be based on your financial situation. Some people may have enough money to live their dream lifestyle, but even more […]

I’m Dead – Now What?

There is a book titled I’m Dead Now What and I just love the title because it’s an attention grabber and addresses the need for everyone to be prepared for the end of life. There was also a recent article in The Washington Post titled “Everything Your Family Needs to Know when you Die.” The […]

Social Security – Will it be There for You?

Well, the answer to the title question is … Maybe!  Depends on how you are thinking about Social Security. If you consider the original intent for social security the answer is YES. It will probably be there to supplement your retirement savings.  If you consider the way many, if not most retirees use Social Security, […]

What Does Set Your House in Order mean?

The Set Your House In Order Bible Study is all about helping you be prepared for the inevitable. Two things in life are certain—taxes and death.  We know when taxes are due but we never know when death will occur.  And if that happens, or if you are incapacitated in some way, your family will […]