The Future of Generosity

Compass Catholic is a nonprofit ministry that runs on a combination of books sales and donations. For that reason, I spent part of this past weekend preparing our Giving Tuesday Plan to increase our donor base. Our Core Values dictate that we don’t have affiliate agreements and we don’t recommend any financial goods, products, or services to monetarily benefit the ministry so as to remain completely unbiased. For that reason, we are only funded by book sales and generous donors. Our books and Bible studies have affected thousands of people around the world. We need these financial disciples to consider Compass Catholic in their generosity plan. 

Gratitude and Contentment

Next week is Thanksgiving, a day we all focus on gratitude.  This year, we encourage you to take the “attitude of gratitude” challenge and live Thanksgiving throughout the year! When we think about being grateful, we often think about the positive experiences, but many times the experiences that impact us the most and have a […]

This Year Christmas Will be the Same

Since 2020 has been anything but normal, it’s easy to anticipate that Christmas will be different. But what changes will occur to your family celebration this year? And what never changes from year to year? As the holidays approach, retailers have begun to announce how their plans look different. Many retailers started promoting Christmas shipping […]

Thanksgiving Traditions

The title of this blog may have you thinking about planning the logistics for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. On the contrary, this blog is about ways to start family traditions that celebrate our joy and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. This year, perhaps more than other years, we have all faced challenges–financial challenges, health challenges, relationship […]

Creative Generosity

Has your budget suffered in these crazy days of COVID? Maybe you were forced into new spending habits because your income decreased during the COVID lockdown. For many of us, it is all too easy to stop being generous when our budget takes a hit. It’s important to remember that even with the budget adjustments, […]

How Much Do I Have to Give?

When most people think about the church and giving the first thing that pops into their minds is “How much do I have to give?” Maybe that thought has also crossed your mind. The answer is that you don’t have to give anything. In their pastoral letter on stewardship (“Stewardship – A Disciple’s Response”) the […]

Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day—a time to honor mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers, friends who are mothers and anyone in our life who fills the role of mother. The concept first originated in 1868, when Ann Jarvis established a meeting for mothers whose sons fought or died on opposite sides of the American Civil War. She wanted […]

Finding a Financial Planner (part 2)

Last week’s blog was about the background work you need to do when you are looking for a financial planner. This week’s blog is about interviewing a potential financial planner. As a reminder, be sure to interview at least 3 people before determining which financial planner is right for you. The first thing you want […]

Black Friday and The Light

On Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for all the good things in America: “spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties and brotherhood from sea to shining sea.” The last line of this beautiful song written by Katherine Lee Bates says, “Confirm thy soul in self-control….” At midnight on Thanksgiving, we are faced with […]


The first thing God did with Adam was to put him to work. We are all called to be workers. In the earliest part of the creation story God, the universe’s first worker, gave man the garden to “tend and keep” (Genesis 2:15).  Work was given to man not as a punishment but as a […]