Happy Thanksgiving!

In the United States, we live in time when some people would like to remove every connection between God and country. I find it reassuring to look back and see that our early American leaders clearly saw God as the source of the American bounty. George Washington proclaimed November 26, 1789, for our first nation-wide […]

Gratitude and Contentment

Next week is Thanksgiving, a day we all focus on gratitude.  This year, we encourage you to take the “attitude of gratitude” challenge and live Thanksgiving throughout the year! When we think about being grateful, we often think about the positive experiences, but many times the experiences that impact us the most and have a […]

Thanksgiving Traditions

The title of this blog may have you thinking about planning the logistics for the traditional Thanksgiving meal. On the contrary, this blog is about ways to start family traditions that celebrate our joy and gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. This year, perhaps more than other years, we have all faced challenges–financial challenges, health challenges, relationship […]

How will you Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days (seasons) of the year. It’s not the turkey and cranberry sauce, it’s the opportunity to gather as family and focus on being thankful to the Lord for all that we’ve been given. All of us face challenges–financial challenges, health challenges, relationship challenges, you name it. And those challenges […]