Your Money GPS

Our family loves to hike. We live in southern Nevada, so we have hundreds of beautiful hiking trails available to us. I recently told my husband that I would love to hike farther but was nervous to do so. We have four adventurous kids, and I didn’t want to go beyond the range of our cell phone’s map app. The thought of our family getting lost while on a long hike terrified me. To help settle my fears, my husband found a hiking app that works beyond normal cell phone range with the help of satellites. This app essentially turns our phones into GPS trackers. We can now plan our hiking routes in advance and track our progress in real time, no matter how far we go off the beaten path.

7 Ways to Make Resolutions You’ll Keep

Here we are at the end of the year and many of us may be thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions are: stay fit; get healthy; lose weight; and get your finances in order. And if getting your finances in order is your resolution, we are here to help. Once […]

What’s the #1 Fear During Christmas

It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is fast approaching.  In some ways it seems like this year has dragged out forever, and in other ways, it seems like this year has sped by. The year 2020 has given us many things to fear; sickness, lockdown, job loss, economic hard times, travel, gatherings, the list of […]

This Year Christmas Will be the Same

Since 2020 has been anything but normal, it’s easy to anticipate that Christmas will be different. But what changes will occur to your family celebration this year? And what never changes from year to year? As the holidays approach, retailers have begun to announce how their plans look different. Many retailers started promoting Christmas shipping […]

Buying Used Stuff

What would you buy used and what do you absolutely want to buy new? Many people think there is a certain ‘ick’ factor in buying things other people have used. On the other hand, being a good steward means managing your money wisely and not wasting it. In many cases, buying used stuff is a […]


In order to keep myself busy and sane during these months of stay at home lockdowns, I’ve turned to jigsaw puzzles as a way to get out of my mental rut. I don’t spend a lot of time on the puzzle just a few minutes here and there, but it’s surprising how fast all those […]

8 Steps to Get Out of Debt

If you look on the internet there are millions of suggestions about how to pay off debt. The best way to pay off debt is to understand your current situation, define your goals and work hard to achieve those goals. Let’s boil that down to 8 steps. Understand your current situation. How much money is […]

Cut Your Monthly Bills, But do the Math

This year has brought all of us a lot of challenges and for many of us, those challenges related to finances. If you had financial challenges before the pandemic, the pandemic only made things worse, so it’s time top look at cutting costs. If you search the internet you’ll find a LOT of ideas about […]

Time for a Financial Health Checkup

This year has brought all of us a lot of challenges and for many of us, those challenges related to finances. Earlier this year, The Financial Health Network, a non-profit which does consulting and research for the financial service industry, completed a survey aimed at assessing people’s financial health by asking about debt, savings, bills […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Frugal

It’s amazing how much of our life revolves around money. We are either making money, spending money or using stuff on which we have spent money. Yet for as much as we deal with money each and every day, it’s one topic that we rarely talk about. Part of the reason is that we all […]