Family Checklist

This year has been anything but normal. At the end of 2019, who would have thought we would have a pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, riots and a society that more splintered than ever. In our own life, we have also been faced with the challenge of being the care takers for a friend who lives 1,300 […]

Raise Money Smart Kids

Children are exposed to money at an early age. Because of all the influence from the secular world, it’s important for parents to have a strategy for influencing their children to think of money in a way that honors your family values. The best time to figure out how to teach your children about money […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Parents

If anything happens to mom, dad, or your spouse, where would your family find the information in an emergency situation such as accident, illness or death?  It can be tough to have a conversation about this important issue, but if you come at it from an objective perspective, it’s a lot easier to do now, […]

Mid-Year Tax Review

We are a few months past tax time, and as usual there were lots of complaints. One of those complaints is that taxes are not biblical. Remember the verse from Mark 12:17: “So Jesus said to them [Pharisees], ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’ They were utterly […]

The Benefits of Using a Financial Planner – Part 2

John Kennedy, CFP® has been our guest for the last two weeks on the Manage Your Money God’s Way podcast. Last week we talked about what to consider when you are looking for a financial planner, the questions to ask and the background work you need to do. This week is about the benefits of using […]

The Benefits of Using Financial Planner: Part 1

Would you give yourself a root canal? Probably not! You may think it’s crazy to pay a financial planner to keep track of your money, but if you don’t have the skill-set and knowledge it may be crazier to do it yourself. A financial planner can save you time and headaches in addition to helping […]

Keep your Old Car or Replace it?

Would you be better off repairing your current car, or is it really time to buy another one? There’s no clear-cut answer to this question, but analyzing the pros and cons for each option will help you make a more informed decision. First of all, decide if you really need a car. For today’s average […]

Use a Sinking Fund to Stay Afloat

Being proactive is a quality of the most highly successful people, especially when it comes to handling money.  One of the ways to get ahead of the financial curve is to use sinking funds. A sinking fund is money that you choose to collect with a specific purpose in mind. Sinking funds are the best way to […]

Health Care Sharing Plans – Part 2

To help you decide if a health care sharing plan is right for you and your family, we are going to look at things to think about and questions to ask. Several plans have restrictions on the doctors available to you. If you live in a large metropolitan area, this may not be a problem, […]

Stop Funding Your Adult Child’s Lifestyle

Your adult child comes to you for financial help. What’s your response?  The adult child may be thinking: “They should help me—I deserve it. Mom and dad are fine financially, why shouldn’t they help me? I studied hard in school but I can’t find a job in my field. My roommates moved out and I […]