Family Checklist

This year has been anything but normal. At the end of 2019, who would have thought we would have a pandemic, hurricanes, wildfires, riots and a society that more splintered than ever. In our own life, we have also been faced with the challenge of being the care takers for a friend who lives 1,300 […]

Raise Money Smart Kids

Children are exposed to money at an early age. Because of all the influence from the secular world, it’s important for parents to have a strategy for influencing their children to think of money in a way that honors your family values. The best time to figure out how to teach your children about money […]

Mid-Year Tax Review

We are a few months past tax time, and as usual there were lots of complaints. One of those complaints is that taxes are not biblical. Remember the verse from Mark 12:17: “So Jesus said to them [Pharisees], ‘Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.’ They were utterly […]

The Benefits of Using a Financial Planner – Part 2

John Kennedy, CFP® has been our guest for the last two weeks on the Manage Your Money God’s Way podcast. Last week we talked about what to consider when you are looking for a financial planner, the questions to ask and the background work you need to do. This week is about the benefits of using […]

The Benefits of Using Financial Planner: Part 1

Would you give yourself a root canal? Probably not! You may think it’s crazy to pay a financial planner to keep track of your money, but if you don’t have the skill-set and knowledge it may be crazier to do it yourself. A financial planner can save you time and headaches in addition to helping […]

Keep your Old Car or Replace it?

Would you be better off repairing your current car, or is it really time to buy another one? There’s no clear-cut answer to this question, but analyzing the pros and cons for each option will help you make a more informed decision. First of all, decide if you really need a car. For today’s average […]