The Spirit of the World Leads to Idolatry

Pope Frances declared in this morning’s homily, “Its not enough to say: ‘But I believe in God, God is the only God.’ Thats fine, but how do you live this out in your life’s journey? Because we can say, ‘The Lord is the only God, there is no other’, but then live as if He […]

What do you worship?

Have I treated people, events or things as more important than God? The First Commandment tells us that we should not “have strange gods before me.” In this secular society, how many people actually keep the First Commandment and honor God above all else? In today’s world, we are constantly deluged with the idea that the […]

How do YOU approach taxes?

Do you have a Godly approach to your taxes? Jesus was questioned about paying taxes to Caesar Check out this short video for a Biblical perspective on Taxes.

We can’t save ourselves through our wealth.

The problem, Pope Francis explained in his homily yesterday how sometimes we want to save ourselves, “and we believe that we can do it, for example basing our security on money — and we think: I have money, I am secure, [I have it] all, there are no worries, I have dignity: the dignity of […]

“Get Behind Me, Satan!”

“We are a little like St. Peter,” he said. “As soon as Jesus speaks of passion, death and resurrection, of self-giving, of love towards all, the Apostle takes him aside and rebukes him. What Jesus says disrupts his plans, it appears unacceptable, it endangers the fixed securities that he had built, his idea of the […]

Seminary Numbers Increase

Scandals in the Roman Catholic Church are apparently not deterring men from choosing the priesthood. A rising number of candidates have enrolled in St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Bean, FL and in seminaries nationwide. This counterintuitive trend has not gone unnoticed by church leaders, who are rejoicing at the news and making […]

Don’t Just Say “Yes”

Every call from God requires a response, both in word and action. You can say “yes,” but if you don’t follow your “yes” with positive, reaffirming action, you have accomplished nothing. The old adage, “your actions speak louder than your words,” was never truer!  Think about the last time that you said “yes.”  If you […]

Faith vs. Grace

Faith vs. Grace When Mary came face-to-face with the mighty angel Gabriel, he greeted Mary by calling her full of grace, not full of faith. Mary’s “yes” to God (Luke 1:38) was the result of the grace God had given her, not the result of her own willpower and forceful personality. This is a key […]

Remember and evangelize

To be better evangelizers, Catholics must first be better rememberers. The core memories of the Christian faith include not only Sacred Scripture, but also the lived experience and learned wisdom of the believing community — which we call tradition. We will do a much better job of preaching Jesus Christ to the world when we […]

First Fruits

We have faith because of (or through) the vine. That is a God given grace. The fruit of the vine evolves through the good works, love and charity that we perform. Even so, the fruit of the vine is pruned in order that even more fruit might be produced (Cf. John 15:2b). If we are […]