Should I Add My Teen as an Authorized User on My Credit Card?

One of the things we hear most often from people who take the Faith & Money Matters Bible Study is “I wish I had learned this earlier.” It’s crazy that we as parents don’t do a good job of teaching our children financial basics. How to manage money is something that every single person needs to fully comprehend. If you struggle with money, you will struggle in life. Many of us have learned this lesson the hard way. 

Raise Money Smart Kids

Children are exposed to money at an early age. Because of all the influence from the secular world, it’s important for parents to have a strategy for influencing their children to think of money in a way that honors your family values. The best time to figure out how to teach your children about money […]

Should Children Get an Allowance?

We firmly believe that the earlier you teach children how to handle money and make them responsible for their own financial decisions, the better off they will be when they are ready to strike out on their own. The tools for teaching kids about money include: Giving them an allowance Expecting them to do chores […]

Eliminate Holiday Spending Stress

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday have all come and gone and the Christmas buying season is upon us. Before emptying your wallet and racking up credit card debt, take some time to think through WHY it is so easy to overspend at Christmas by reading the stories below. Maria is a divorced […]

Money and Your College Students

At Compass Catholic our goal is to teach financial principles from the Bible so people are freed from the secular grasp of our culture. Luke 16:11 states “If therefore you have not been faithful with worldly wealth, who will entrust you with true wealth.” This quote from Luke applies to your young adult who is […]

Raising Money-Smart Kids

If finances are one of the most stressful topics in a marriage, communicating about children comes in a close second. Talking about children and money in the same conversation may result in the perfect storm. The most common mistake in teaching children about money is simply not planning as a couple how to do it. […]

Teach Your Children About Money

Catholic money management and financial responsibility is an important part of practicing our faith on a day-to-day basis. When we know how to manage our money through earning, spending, and giving God’s way, we remove worry and bring God closer to our minds and our hearts. In addition to managing their own finances, parents have […]

A New Paradigm: Adult Children Living at Home

A while back I wrote about Cheri Frame, an educational consultant who runs a business called “Credits Before College“.  Her goal is to make sure that kids are getting out of college without debt so that they are financially prepared to enter the work force or even go into ministry if they so desire. The […]

The “Sandwich” Generation

We had a post on this blog not too long ago about having a conversation with our parents in regards to planning for the future. It is imperative that we know about their long-term plans, care preferences, and probably the most difficult discussion of all, the funeral arrangements. However, for some of us, the opportunity […]

It’s Never Too Early to Save

In a previous blog, we discussed the importance of teaching your children the principles of financial responsibility so they can become wise spenders, generous givers and intentional savers.  Having children perform specific tasks and granting allowances for a job well done is a great tool for training good stewards. Your approach to your child’s financial […]