2015 New Year Resolutions

The Christmas season has come and gone and everyone seems to be in the mode of making New Years resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions include losing weight, exercising, eating correctly and doing a better job with finances. However, and most of these resolutions won’t last any longer than two weeks. The reason they […]

7 Things The Middle Class Can No Longer Afford

During economic discussions, we often hear about the financial burden that’s placed on the middle class. So, who are the middle class? Though there is some debate over the exact income a middle class household brings in, we do have an idea of who the middle class are — most working class people. They are […]

The Way of a Fool is Right in His Own Eyes

The years of Wild West outlaws, cowboys and saloons have long since drawn to a close, yet some of America’s favorite film and television heroes still continue to strap on their spurs and wrangle up the herds to our delight. John Wayne, the legendary cowboy, has lived on through the ages. His on-screen independence and […]