Making a Snowball

If you have had the privilege of taking our nine-week Bible Study (Navigating Your Finances God’s Way) or attending our “It’s not about the Money” financial seminar, you may have heard of “The Debt Snowball”. During our nine-week sessions, we review this concept to make sure the participants are familiar with it, and it occurred […]

Sharing Our Vision

Compass Catholic Ministries teaches Catholic money management principles that help people become better stewards and disciples. God cares deeply about all areas of our lives, and that includes how we manage our money and possessions. We have experienced firsthand the consequences of careless and materialistic money management, and our ministry passes on the lessons learned […]

3 Things the Bible Tells Us About Money

One of the very first things we discuss during our nine-week Bible study (Navigating Your Finances God’s Way) is that God cares about how we handle our finances. Most people are astounded when they find out that there are over 2,500 verses which address God’s way of handling money and possession.  That’s more verses than […]

A Unique Lenten Promise

Did Lent sneak up on you this year? Seems like 2015 is flying by so fast that last week, Ash Wednesday crept up on us very quickly. A tradition in our home is to sit down with each other and discuss the promises that we want to make for the Lenten season. Many times we […]

How to Save On A Tight Budget Part 2

In our last blog we discussed how to save on a tight budget. Today, we continue with more tips on some things you may not have thought of, savings on annual payments and savings on a daily basis. Save On Insurance A not so exciting topic, but one that needs to be discussed is insurance. […]

The “Sandwich” Generation

We had a post on this blog not too long ago about having a conversation with our parents in regards to planning for the future. It is imperative that we know about their long-term plans, care preferences, and probably the most difficult discussion of all, the funeral arrangements. However, for some of us, the opportunity […]

Cash Back Bonus?

There have been a lot of credit card offers lately offering cash back on certain purchases. For example, 5% cash back when the card is used at a restaurant or 3% cash back at the grocery store. I started thinking about this concept and realized that if I did some digging, I might be able […]

How Much is Enough?

Watching commercials, browsing catalogues, visiting on line shopping sites, watching shopping networks on TV, reading advertisements and interacting with social media about different products makes you want it all now! We’re living in a society where folks feel they need that instantaneous fulfillment and everything in our culture encourages us to buy, buy, buy. The […]

5 Tips for Buying a Car

Buying a car can be challenging especially, with all of the latest and greatest technology and gadgets that are installed in vehicles nowadays. Advertisers entice us to buy the latest greatest vehicle, so we can be sexy and powerful, but when you get past all the sleek advertising, a car is simply a mode of […]

Goal Setting: Keys to Staying the Course

Every New Year gives us the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, setting goals that will make this year better than last. Our minds are filled with optimism as we set our sights on improving our lives financially, spiritually and physically. As we embark on setting these goals, it’s important to keep ourselves in […]