It All Started With The Dishwasher

Well, in the life and times of the Simple Steward, and really for all of us, there will be moments when frugality is not defined by what would seem to be within our control. In the past, I have written about thriftiness and maintenance as a way of life, especially when our eyes are opened […]

Christmas in July

We just celebrated July 4th and lots of people are at the beach this week, air conditioners are blasting and July is a great month for ice crème and snow cones and bathing suits, and thinking about Christmas! It’s the middle of the summer, so why in the world are we talking about Christmas? Because, […]

On A “Budget”?

It seems like I hear “on a budget” quite a bit in news snippets or various articles, especially those that might be referring to vacationing or sticking to a special diet. I must say I am getting a little annoyed with the “on a budget” catch-phrase because my ears perk up when I hear these […]

Reasons To Use A Budget

A lot of people think budgets are only for people who have financial issues or people who are experiencing a financial crisis. But in order to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to you, you need a budget, whether you are: young or old; single or married; have plenty of money or […]

Be Romantic – Have a Money Date

How about doing something really romantic with your spouse—are you ready—schedule a weekly money date! Doesn’t sound too romantic does it? But nothing will ruin those romantic feelings faster than financial challenges – and every marriage eventually runs into some sort of financial challenge. These weekly money dates are vital because they establish the habit […]

The Importance of a Money Plan

At Compass Catholic, we teach biblical principles of how God intends for us to handle money and possessions. In order to handle money God’s way, you need to know where it is going. And that is called a budget. There is a common misconception that budgets are only for those who are experiencing a financial […]

Teach Your Children About Money

Catholic money management and financial responsibility is an important part of practicing our faith on a day-to-day basis. When we know how to manage our money through earning, spending, and giving God’s way, we remove worry and bring God closer to our minds and our hearts. In addition to managing their own finances, parents have […]

The Guide to Giving (Part 2)

In last week’s Blog, we talked about the first two elements of giving, which are attitude and advantages. Today we’ll talk about the amount, and approach to giving. AMOUNT
 Before the Old Testament law, there were two instances of giving a known amount. In Genesis 14:20, Abraham gave 10 percent — a tithe — after […]

Car Buying—It’s a Process

Last year our family came to a crossroads about what to do with our beloved minivan. It had been a very reliable, dependable vehicle for us, but was giving us reason to question that reliability when we had to replace the transmission for the second time in only three years. It took me a while […]

The Root of All Evil

Most people look at us like we have three heads when we tell them we teach Biblical financial principles. In their minds the only thing the Bible says about money is that it is the root of all evil. And actually, that is not even what the Bible says! The verse comes from 1 Timothy […]