Your Money GPS

Our family loves to hike. We live in southern Nevada, so we have hundreds of beautiful hiking trails available to us. I recently told my husband that I would love to hike farther but was nervous to do so. We have four adventurous kids, and I didn’t want to go beyond the range of our cell phone’s map app. The thought of our family getting lost while on a long hike terrified me. To help settle my fears, my husband found a hiking app that works beyond normal cell phone range with the help of satellites. This app essentially turns our phones into GPS trackers. We can now plan our hiking routes in advance and track our progress in real time, no matter how far we go off the beaten path.

Buying Used Stuff

What would you buy used and what do you absolutely want to buy new? Many people think there is a certain ‘ick’ factor in buying things other people have used. On the other hand, being a good steward means managing your money wisely and not wasting it. In many cases, buying used stuff is a […]

Get Back On The Budgeting Bandwagon

The term “Bandwagon” originated in the late 1800’s as the name for the wagon that carried a circus band (makes a lot of sense!). Circuses were very skilled at attracting crowds by having an exciting parade through the town, complete with a highly decorated bandwagon. Just imagine an animal parade through town with wagon full […]

Time for a Financial Health Checkup

This year has brought all of us a lot of challenges and for many of us, those challenges related to finances. Earlier this year, The Financial Health Network, a non-profit which does consulting and research for the financial service industry, completed a survey aimed at assessing people’s financial health by asking about debt, savings, bills […]

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Frugal

It’s amazing how much of our life revolves around money. We are either making money, spending money or using stuff on which we have spent money. Yet for as much as we deal with money each and every day, it’s one topic that we rarely talk about. Part of the reason is that we all […]

Prepare for Your First Post Pandemic Christmas

Christmas will be in December!  That’s not news to anyone, but we act as though we don’t know when Christmas will arrive because the Christmas season often catches us unprepared financially. This year it’s especially important to plan ahead for Christmas because so many people are still recovering from the financial impacts of the pandemic. […]

I’m Going Back to Work, Now What?

Do you need a post-pandemic recovery plan for your personal finances? As you go back to work and begin receiving a salary again, it may be the perfect time to change your financial habits. The lockdown showed us all the unnecessary things we can do without, like we did for so many weeks this spring.  […]

Tips for Pandemic Survival

There’s a lot of stress and financial anxiety these days. Knowing what you can control and what you are worried about are two different things. How you spend money during this time is one of the things you can control. The financial challenges that came with this pandemic are a prime example of why everybody […]

Challenge Your Expenses

Some people think that the only way to save is to make massive spending cuts and others think the best way to save is to make many small changes. We think it’s both. No reason why you can’t analyze and adjust both the large and small expenses. The first thing is to quit spending money […]

Should Children Get an Allowance?

We firmly believe that the earlier you teach children how to handle money and make them responsible for their own financial decisions, the better off they will be when they are ready to strike out on their own. The tools for teaching kids about money include: Giving them an allowance Expecting them to do chores […]