Reflections on Leap Year

Finally, it seems that the cold snaps are beginning to melt away and Spring is here. Due to the leap year effect, Spring is early this year—the first official day of spring is March 19. I was doing some investigating about how Leap Year works, and learned that the Gregorian calendar we use (how we […]

The REAL Christmas Season

It seems like we’ve been preparing for Christmas since Labor Day and on Friday Christmas will be here. By Monday (or maybe even Saturday) our secular world will have moved beyond Christmas to the next big shopping event–Valentines Day. Once December 26th arrives, there will be no more Christmas Carols on the radio, the trees […]

Be Content on Christmas

Many people approach Christmas day as the one day when everything will be perfect.  The house will be totally clean, free of clutter and decorated beautifully. Everyone will receive a gift that is exquisitely wrapped and the perfect choice for them. The meal will be superb and everyone in the family will get along with […]

What Will Your Christmas Miracle Be?

It seems like the whole world has been in one long frenzy of Christmas preparation since the back-to-school sales ended. We are barraged with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, free shipping, sales, coupons, catalogues and anything else you can imagine that will influence us to buy more stuff. And in all this messy busyness there does […]