What job titles appeal to you? Is there high turnover? What are the mission and vision statements of these organizations and do they live by them?  Find out the pay range, flexibility and benefits.
There are an “unprecedented” number of employees leaving because of burnout, to take a break from being in the workforce and those that chose to move to another organization. From a Catholic perspective, God not only created us to live meaningful and purposeful lives, but to also help each other grow and strive for eternity within the context of belonging to a greater community.
In response to USCCB’s call to action to provide support and resources to pregnant women, especially those seeking the assistance of pregnancy centers, Compass Catholic Ministries intends to create a financial literacy course specifically designed for pregnant mothers (and dads) who experience unexpected pregnancies.
Helping your children incur less debt as they attend school is one of the best graduation gifts you can give them. Student loan debt is debilitating for many college graduates; many will still be paying for loans into their 30s and 40s. This debt makes it difficult to start saving for retirement, to support a family, and to begin building wealth.