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Compass Catholic Ministries teaches Biblical financial principles from an authentically Catholic viewpoint. The Compass Catholic studies use the Bible, the Catechism, quotes from saints and popes as well as the United States Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on Stewardship (Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response) to help people put their finances into the proper perspective so they can become good stewards of God’s many blessings.

The Bible has more than 2,500 verses on how to handle money and possessions. Everything we need to know about money can be found in the Bible. It tells us how to spend, save, give, and manage money. 

Pope Francis has said, “Money has to serve not rule.” The Compass Catholic studies help people escape from the consumerism of the American culture and find peace and contentment in the Lord. As people begin to learn and apply financial principles from the Bible, they are transformed into real stewards of the many blessings God has showered upon them.

Whether you are financially independent or struggling to make the monthly bills, young or old, single or married, working or retired, these studies are for you!Please explore the Book & Studies page for more information about the material we offer. Check out the Compass Blog for thought provoking articles, sign-up for our newsletter to stay up to date with ministry news and listen to our radio programs for more on the link between faith and finances.

To encourage faith formation and transformation, from an authentically Catholic approach to understanding personal financial responsibilities and blessings, as God’s stewards. Watch as Jon talks about the Compass Catholic vision.

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To teach an authentically Catholic approach to personal finances, allowing individuals to be fully engaged in their faith journey, become free from financial obligations so they may fulfill the unique purpose God has for them. The Compass Catholic mission is to reach 40 million Catholics around the world by 2030 by focusing on material in six languages, which cover 70% of the world’s Catholic population (English; Spanish; French; German; Portuguese and Polish).

  • Based on Scripture, Church Tradition and the Magisterium to be fully Catholic.
  • Rooted in the Eucharist and led by the Holy Spirit.
  • Leading through service in the example of Jesus Christ in a spirit of love for the Lord and love for others.
  • Spreading the Gospel and striving to fulfill our role as members of the Living Body of Christ.
  • Inspired by the Word of God and attentive to the challenges of our time, we are committed to the spiritual growth and faith formation of all the community.
  • Sharing Christ’s love through joyful witness and selfless stewardship.
  • Trusting God to lead the ministry according to his plan.

There is no purpose to a journey without a destination. By using a Compass, we can stay on the right path and arrive at the desired destination. Our material helps people implement an authentically Catholic approach to money and possessions so they stay on the right path (living our lives here on earth as stewards of God’s blessings) and arrive at the desired destination (life with Christ forever).

Board of Directors

Jon Bean, Board President

Jon Bean serves as the board President. Jon and his wife Evelyn co-founded Compass Catholic Ministries. They live in Winter Springs, FL and have attended St. Stephen Catholic Community since 1986.

Jon and Evelyn are Commissioned Lay Ecclesial Ministers of the Diocese of Orlando. They both graduated from college with teaching degrees, then had successful careers with Fortune 500 companies. They are now retired and have the opportunity to enjoy serving God as full time volunteers in Compass Catholic

Steven Hoyas, Treasurer

Steven Hoyas serves as the Treasurer of Compass Catholic. Steve and his wife Audrey are members of Saint Stephen Catholic Community. Steve has a B.S. in Geography and went into the radio business as a DJ, which eventually led him to Central Florida. He was a Program Director for Cox Radio for 30 years prior to retirement.

Steve is the moderator of the Compass Catholic “Manage Your Money God’s Way” radio program and podcast.

Fr. Richard M. Walsh, Pastor

Fr. Richard M. Walsh has been the Pastor at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Winter Park, Florida since 1985. He was born in Ireland in County Westmeath, 50 miles west of Dublin and has been a priest for over 40 years. Father Walsh believes that, “a sound body makes a sound mind.”

He has served as the as Vicar General of the Diocese of Orlando, since 2011

Fr. Hector Vazquez Saad

Fr. Hector Vazquez Saad was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Orlando in 2008. He is the Parochial Vicar for St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida. Father Hector attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated with a degree in accounting.

The Compass Story

Jon and Evelyn Bean were introduced to a non-denominational Bible Study teaching biblical financial principles over 25 years ago. Jon had tried to start a business, which was a complete failure! After 5 years we lost over $250,000. All of our IRAs and short-term savings were spent to make up for lost income. When the money ran out we turned to our credit cards – and ran up about $35,000 in credit card debt, in addition to having two car loans and a home mortgage. We did everything wrong and made all the financial mistakes that could be made!Beans1 (1)

We were struggling with our finances and that led to great tension within our marriage. However, as we studied the Bible, we could see that if we faithfully followed what we learned, we might be able to repair our finances and strengthen our marriage at the same time. Which we did! Twenty years after that first study we were able to retire from paid jobs and become volunteers to serve God full time in the unique way he called us.

Learning and applying the biblical financial principles had a powerful impact on both our financial and spiritual lives, and we felt called to take this message to Catholic Parishes. We discussed our desire with Howard Dayton who authored the original non-denominational study, and he graciously allowed us to create a Catholic version of the study, and Compass Catholic Ministries is the result.

We are blessed to serve in a ministry, which has such far-reaching value to so many people. We are passionate about our faith and our responsibility for spreading the word of God.

Taking two people who were in financial turmoil and having them serve in a financial ministry just proves God has a sense of humor. I am a cradle Catholic and was raised to have a much different attitude about money and possessions than Jon. My family was very frugal and my parents bought everything with cash, which meant there were many things we did not have. I never lacked the basics, but we were never able to afford what some of our friends had.

After we were married, Jon’s way seemed like a lot more fun than the way I was raised. Who doesn’t desire to have everything they want? Unfortunately that way led to a mortgage, two car loans and $35,000 in credit card debt. Which was really NOT a lot of fun. When we took that first Bible study, I knew that we had to change our financial habits, get back to core values and repair all the damage we’d done to our finances and to our marriage. It is often said that the best way to learn something is to teach it, and although facilitating the Compass studies is really not teaching, it is a way to stay focused on the message. By facilitating the Bible study we were able to stay focused on God’s word, and repair the financial mess we had created. And discussing our finances wrapped in God’s word helped to get over our differences and find common ground in our goals and future plans We are so blessed to have learned the Biblical financial principles together so we could use our mistakes, challenges and successes to help others.

I was pretty depressed in that first Bible study. Because of trying to start a business, we had lost a lot of money, created a pile of debt and our lifestyle had gone from comfortable to very uncomfortable—we were just squeaking by each month. At some point in the first several weeks of the study, the light bulb finally went on in my head. I didn’t really have a financial issue—my primary issue was a spiritual issue. God wasn’t number one in my life; money was number one!

I thought that I was in control. I worked hard; I earned my money; I deserved everything that I had. In truth, that last statement hit the nail right on the head. I did deserve all the financial issues that I had because I thought I was in control, not God. I worked hard, true, but I was using the skills that God had blessed me with. None of my skills and talents were my own doing. I began to understand that through my fault, I had failed. Maybe if I put God back as number one in my life, he could, through his graciousness and his love, show me the way.

Now, several decades later, that was the best decision that I ever made! I put my faith in God, trusted in him and what he taught in the Bible and we were able to recover from all the mistakes that I made, create a spending plan that allowed us to payoff debt and save like we had never saved before. We saved enough to be able to work for God without having to worry about earning a salary. He has provided for us and now we hope to be able to share what we learned with you. We are living proof that his way is the best way! Test