Preparing Future Financial Leaders: Guidepost, the New Compass Catholic Tool for High Schools


In today’s complex financial world, financial education has become essential from a young age. Compass Catholic is proud to introduce Guidepost, a new tool specifically designed for high schools. This exciting resource aims to empower young people from an early age to make informed and sustainable financial decisions.

Guidepost: Financial Education for Youth

Guidepost is a revolutionary online financial education program, tailored for high school students. This interactive platform, developed by Compass Catholic, helps students grasp fundamental financial concepts, from money management to investing and planning for the future.

Why Starting Early Matters

Early financial education is key to shaping financially responsible adults. Guidepost recognizes that the earlier basic financial concepts are learned, the stronger the foundation for the future. By addressing topics like budgeting, saving, and investing in high school, we are preparing our young people to navigate the financial world with confidence.

Benefits of Guidepost for High Schools

Practical Knowledge: Students gain practical knowledge about managing their money effectively.

Interactive Tools: Guidepost offers interactive tools and exercises that make learning fun and effective.

Future Readiness: Students develop financial skills that will serve them throughout life, preparing them for a solid financial independence.

How High Schools Can Integrate Guidepost

Compass Catholic is pleased to offer the Guidepost program to interested high schools. This resource is a valuable addition to any curriculum and can be used both in the classroom and remotely. We provide access to the platform and training resources for teachers.

Financial Education as an Investment in the Future

At Compass Catholic, we believe that financial education is an investment in the future of our youth. Guidepost is a powerful tool that equips students with the skills needed to make informed and responsible financial decisions. By starting this education in high school, we are shaping future financial leaders who will be prepared to face any financial challenge that comes their way.

Written by: Dalcia Castillo

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