Compass Catholic Ministries Presents Guideposts Personal Finance: An Unparalleled Financial Literacy Program Meeting State Requirements for Catholic High School and Home School Students

(Orlando, FL – August 23, 2023) – With an aim to revolutionize financial literacy education while adhering to state mandates, Compass Catholic Ministries proudly introduces its newest initiative, Guideposts Personal Finance, exclusively crafted for Catholic High School and Home School students. Immediately available on cell phones, tablets and desktop computers. Guideposts not only seamlessly blends indispensable financial literacy with Catholic values but also fulfills state-imposed requirements for financial education.

“Crafting the Guideposts curriculum was a journey of intertwining timeless Catholic values with the pressing financial literacy needs of today’s youth,” Susan Hart Lead Curriculum Developer for Guidepost Personal Finance said. We’ve meticulously designed each module to not only meet state standards but to empower students with the knowledge to navigate their financial futures while staying true to their faith. This is more than just a course—it’s a compass for life’s financial decisions, anchored in faith.”

Merging Catholic stewardship tenets with nationally recognized financial benchmarks, Guideposts offers lessons as deeply rooted in faith as they are in fiscal prudence. Its versatile format is ideal for diverse educational settings: whether integrated as a core subject, supplementary resource, online module, after-school program, or other modalities. Importantly, as homeschooling rises in prominence, this program stands as a beacon for those seeking compliant, state-sanctioned financial education materials.

Jon Bean, Co-founder of Compass Catholic Ministries, comments, “Guideposts is our proactive response to an educational imperative. By blending essential financial literacy with Catholic principles, and ensuring compliance with state requirements, we’re creating a path for holistic student development.”

Nathan Mihelich, Executive Director at Compass Catholic Ministries, adds, “Our vision for Guideposts is expansive. We’ve designed it to be adaptable, ensuring that students across various learning environments receive essential financial skills, while schools and homeschooling parents find an ally in meeting state directives.”

Schools and home educators eager to incorporate Guideposts, along with financial institutions keen on championing this groundbreaking initiative, can reach out to CCM at or visit their website at

About Compass Catholic Ministries
A pioneer in faith-based financial literacy, Compass Catholic Ministries bridges the gap between financial acumen and Catholic values. Their distinctive methodology empowers individuals and families to align fiscal decisions with faith convictions, leading to profound life impacts. Discover their myriad of offerings at

Press Contact:
Dalcia Castillo, Compass Catholic Ministries

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