The Way of a Fool is Right in His Own Eyes

johnThe years of Wild West outlaws, cowboys and saloons have long since drawn to a close, yet some of America’s favorite film and television heroes still continue to strap on their spurs and wrangle up the herds to our delight. John Wayne, the legendary cowboy, has lived on through the ages. His on-screen independence and no-nonsense law and order continue to enchant movie buffs through fancy boxed collections and day-long movie marathons. In Wayne’s characters, we see a reflection of the American mindset, standing on our own two feet, pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, and making our own decisions.

Most of us are very proud of our independence, especially as it applies to our financial situations. Unfortunately, we usually apply this attitude to areas where we struggle. When we come across a challenge, we don’t relinquish control to anyone or seek help–we’re independent, and we don’t need anyone’s counsel to get back on the right track. Many times, however, this “getting back on track” doesn’t go as planned. We continue to wallow in our struggles, all the while losing a great deal of peace and contentment, which sometimes subjects our families to years of heartache and stress.

In truth, the John Wayne Financial Principle is totally contrary to our Catholic perspectives on money. Take a look at Proverbs 19:20: “Listen to counsel and receive instruction, that you may eventually become wise.” And again, counsel is mentioned in Proverbs 12:15: “The way of fools is right in their own eyes, but those who listen to advice are the wise.” As we are one body in Christ, God encourages us to seek wise counsel and to rely on each other for Godly advice. The Christian life is not one of independence from one another; we’re to be dependent upon each other and grow together in love and faith.

So, who do you ask for counsel, and how do you go about asking? Even though it may take a little courage to ask for advice, our most trustworthy advisors are often the ones who have been there all along. Ask parents; ask spouses;, ask close, trusted friends. Tell them the facts of your situation in a straightforward manner, not worrying about flowering the facts. Just take the situation head on, open your heart, and listen closely. Finally, pray to the Lord for his counsel, and ask him to bring a Godly advisor into your life. It will be one of the best financial decisions you’ve ever made.

When you’re seeking Godly counsel, a great way to find people is through the Compass Catholic Navigating Your Finances God’s Way bible study. Get involved with your church community and you’re sure to find brothers and sisters in Christ who are more than willing to help and share the Catholic perspectives on money. Learn more about getting involved and find more great tips from Compass Catholic by browsing through our blog today.

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