Doubting Thomas

johnWe’ve met a lot of people who were “Doubting Thomases” when they learned that Compass Catholic teaches people Catholic money management skills and how to manage possessions according to the Bible.

Most people do not think that God has anything to do with their finances and they are astounded to find that there are over 2,500 verses in the Bible that relate to money and possessions. There are fewer than 500 verses on prayer and about 500 verses on faith. More than half of the parables are related to money and fifteen percent of everything Jesus said had to do with money.

Why does the Bible say so much about money? Probably because God knew how much we would deal with money and how tempting it is for us to misuse it. Think about how much time you spend on a daily basis making money, spending money or using something you bought with money – almost 100 percent of our time is somehow related to money. It is imperative that we understand Catholic money management principles and know how to use money wisely according to God’s financial principles.

We live in a world defined by Madison Avenue. Advertisers tell us that we should get everything we want when we want it because we deserve it.  The most popular television shows are reality shows that allow us to put ourselves in the place of the contestants as they vie for big money and exotic trips. If we could only own this or that, have more money or drive that car then we would finally be happy.

Easy credit can provide whatever we desire.  We are influenced to think that having more things means a better life, which leads us to want everything we see. The more we watch TV, surf the net, read magazines and listen to the radio, the more money we spend in an unending quest to be happy. Commercials barrage us with almost non-stop advertising – it’s everywhere! We even wear advertising on our clothes.

Just as Thomas had to physically touch Jesus to believe he was the risen Christ, we invite anyone who is a “Doubting Thomas” to experience the joy, peace and contentment that comes from learning Catholic money management skills and what the Bible teaches us about how to handle money and possessions.  Take our Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Bible study and you too can have a conversion experience just as Thomas did.

No matter how much stuff we want, or how much stuff we have, we can never find happiness or fulfillment in things.  True fulfillment can only be reached through a life in Christ. Do you doubt that?

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