Matthew 4:22–Leaving Behind Earthly Endeavors to Serve God

One of the most well known stories in the Bible is that of the “Fishers of Men,” when Jesus calls the first apostles to serve his mission.  According to Matthew 4:22, “He called them, and immediately they left their boat and their father and followed Him.”  It is no wonder that this story has such a long-lasting impression on us: these men had faith enough in God and his plan that they gave up everything to follow Jesus!

In any situation, fulfilling God’s call takes a good deal of bravery and strength.  We must come to understand that God has a specific, unique plan for each of us–even if we cannot immediately see it.  As stewards who gladly acknowledge that we belong to the Lord, we must make sacrifices and prayerful choices in order to spread his word and blessings to the world.

We are called in much the same way as the first apostles were–though we are not expected to leave everything behind.  Instead, our mission is to use the circumstances where God has placed us to serve him by providing for our families and those less fortunate through our stewardship and responsible fiscal planning.  In a sense, absolving ourselves from debt and viewing possessions as responsibilities rather than pleasures allows us to leave behind our earthly endeavors to serve God.  We make room in our lives for God’s love and blessings, and free ourselves from the consumerism of our society to spread love and blessings to others.

Stewardship involves responsibly planning and spending in the manner God intended.  It also involves strength and bravery to set aside our love of material goods for a higher purpose.  Answer Jesus’ call today by freeing yourself from financial debt and spreading his Word.  View our website to learn more about our Catholic money management perspectives at

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