Because every money decision is a spiritual decision.

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Porque toda decisión de dinero es una decisión spiritual.

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Helping your children incur less debt as they attend school is one of the best graduation gifts you can give them. Student loan debt is debilitating for many college graduates; many will still be paying for loans into their 30s and 40s. This debt makes it difficult to start saving for retirement, to support a family, and to begin building wealth.
I remember very well the first time I earned money... I’m not talking about an allowance or money that I got for being part of the family, I’m talking about doing a job and receiving funds for the task that I completed.  The first real job that comes to mind for the purposes of this conversation is when I spent a summer as a long-distance operator for AT&T.
I was in Mass last week and I remember thinking how beautiful it is that Divine Mercy Sunday intersects with the Gospel about Doubting Thomas. Jesus meets Thomas in his disbelief to which Thomas responds, “My Lord and My God!” 

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