Workshop Leader Role

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Workshop Leader presents one of the Compass Catholic workshops at a diocese, parish or other venue. The workshop materials (power point presentation, talking points and workbooks) are available and can be ordered from the Compass Catholic Service Center.

Workshops are:

  • “It’s Not about The Money, It’s About the Change,” which can be used as a kickoff to signing people up for the Navigating Your Finances God’s Way Bible Study.
  • “God Marriage & Money,” which is designed to help couples who are engaged to be married talk about their finances before the wedding.

KNOWLEDGE: The Workshop Leader needs to become familiar with the Compass presentations and be comfortable speaking in a large group environment. They should have experienced a Compass Small Group Study to be most effective.

ACTIVITIES: The Workshop Leader can deliver workshops as far afield of their home location as their interest takes them. They need to work with both the Compass Catholic Service Center and the sponsoring churches and dioceses in preparing for the workshop.

The Workshop Leaders have a passion for this ministry and are interested in using their time, talent and treasure to serve God. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved, please contact us – we welcome your participation!

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