How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

The beginning of the new year is a time when most people make resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is to finally get the family finances in order, whether this means spending less, saving more, being more generous, or

Christmas Isn’t Ever Over

It seems like we’ve been preparing for Christmas since Labor Day and on Sunday Christmas will be here. Then it’s over. By Monday, December 26th our secular world will have moved beyond Christmas to the next big shopping event—Valentines Day.

The Perfect Christmas

Many people approach Christmas as a day when everything has to be perfect. The house needs to be beautifully decorated with just the right trimmings. The ornaments on the tree have to be spaced and hung in exactly the right

Turkey Trot at the Daytona Speedway

The day after Thanksgiving, we took the two teenagers in our life to the Turkey Trot which is held each year at the Daytona Speedway on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is a combination swap meet and car show with

For I have Learned to be Content

Contentment is mentioned in the Bible seven times and six of those times it has to do with money. Contentment is in pretty short supply in our country, because the advertising industry tries to create discontent in our lives. We

Black Friday and The Light

On Thanksgiving, we express our gratitude for all the good things in America: “spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties and brotherhood from sea to shining sea.” The last line of this beautiful song written by Katherine Lee

How will you Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days (seasons) of the year. It’s not the turkey and cranberry sauce, it’s the opportunity to gather as family and focus on being thankful to the Lord for all that we’ve been given. All

Ho, Ho, Ho not Owe, Owe, Owe for Christmas

The number one worry people have during the Christmas holidays is debt! Christmas is more than a month away and if you are not prepared financially by now, you are already in trouble. The average consumer ends up with more

Manage Your Money God’s Way … WHAT???

When we tell individuals we run a ministry to teach people how to manage money God’s way, they usually look at us like we have three heads. And many listeners to our Radio show on Breadbox media ask “What does

Are You Abusing Your Credit Cards?

Credit cards can be a good tool for you to use to manage your finances. They can also create financial chaos if you fall into the trap of using credit cards to satisfy every whim. The secret is to use

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