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Tax Savings Ideas

In Mark 12:17, we hear the story about the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus   by asking him the question, “Is it right to pay the imperial tax or not?”  If Jesus said “No” then he would be considered an enemy

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Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

Let’s face it, nobody likes to pay taxes and complaining about them seems to be a national pastime, especially at this time of year. The annual process of gathering information then completing what seems to be a mountain of paperwork

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Tax Cheats

Last week we blogged about getting organized so tax time is less stressful and more automated. This week’s blog is about another aspect of tax time – cheating! Most of us don’t enjoy paying taxes and many of us object

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It’s Tax time!

For many people getting ready for tax time is full of stress, tension and anxiety. Most people have receipts, statements, stubs and other tax information scattered all over the house. I remember one year when we lived in a very

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How do YOU approach taxes?

Do you have a Godly approach to your taxes? Jesus was questioned about paying taxes to Caesar Check out this short video for a Biblical perspective on Taxes.

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