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There’s a Catfish on the Sidewalk!

We’ve spent a lot of time this month preparing for then dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. For you non-Floridians, hurricane preparation means securing anything in the yard or patio that could be picked up by the wind and

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To save or Not to Save – That is the Question

Today’s blog title is a take off on a scene from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. In this scene, Prince Hamlet was contemplating the meaning of life. Today’s blog contemplates the reason for saving. The savings rate of the average American has

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Crisis Mode

It sometimes seems as if there is a new crisis every day. In recent weeks we’ve had the Orlando Pulse shooting deaths; the attack on the Istanbul airport; the hundred year flood in West Virginia and fires raging in California

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Emergency Preparedness

Last week we discussed having a Crisis Budget in place in case of losing spending power, income reduction or job loss.  This week I’d like to draw our attention to a different type of emergency, one that requires more than

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Financial Crisis

We regularly talk about managing our money the way God intended. As Catholics, we are called follow Jesus in every area of our lives – even when it comes to our money and possessions. But what happens when we experience

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Is a Crisis Coming Your Way?

There are many possibilities for a financial crisis to occur in each of our lives. The best way to handle any type of financial crisis is to figure out how to handle it before it occurs.  We recommend creating a “Crisis

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Will YOU have a Personal Sequester?

Our Congressional representatives seem to lose any budgeting skills they possessed (I’m giving them the benefit of doubt here) as soon as the final ballots have been counted. Our Congress has allowed the Fiscal Cliff and the resulting Sequester to

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