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Finding a Financial Planner (part 1)

You can certainly go it alone when it comes to managing your money, and you could also try to do it yourself when it comes to auto repair, cutting your own hair or giving yourself a root canal. Doing it

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Where is Your Heart?

Our hearts follow where our money goes as it says in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Too often we let the money take the lead and control our heart. However, the heart

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Christmas Isn’t Ever Over

It seems like we’ve been preparing for Christmas since Labor Day and on Sunday Christmas will be here. Then it’s over. By Monday, December 26th our secular world will have moved beyond Christmas to the next big shopping event—Valentines Day.

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The Dishonest Steward

The Gospel reading yesterday always confused me, until I really concentrated on the details. Luke 16:1-13 tells the story of “The Dishonest Steward.” To summarize, a steward was fired because he had squandered the rich man’s property. He was left

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The first thing God did with Adam was to put him to work. We are all called to be workers. In the earliest part of the creation story God, the universe’s first worker, gave man the garden to “tend and

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This is Your Brain on Advertising

Several years ago there were ads on TV showing an egg being fried to a crisp in a hot pan with the voice over saying “This is your brain on drugs.” I’ve never seen a similar promotion about your brain

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Finding Happiness in Riches

Let’s face it—most people want to get rich. When we want to get rich, we actually love money. Show me somebody’s bank account and I can see what they treasure by where they spend their money. But why is wanting

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Crisis Mode

It sometimes seems as if there is a new crisis every day. In recent weeks we’ve had the Orlando Pulse shooting deaths; the attack on the Istanbul airport; the hundred year flood in West Virginia and fires raging in California

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July 4th – Happy Independence Day

Did you know… The Continental Congress declared independence on July 2, 1776. The American Revolution started in April, 1775. Thomas Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence was in June, 1776. The Declaration was delivered to Great Britain in

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Invictus is a Latin word meaning unconquered.  It is the title of a poem written in 1875 by William Ernest Henley and it speaks to the unquenchable human spirit. The most well-known part of the poem is the last two

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