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Being Honest In A Dishonest World

All of us make many small daily decisions about being honest. Do you deal honestly in all areas of your life, even the smallest ones? Or do you quietly smile and pocket the extra money when the cashier gives you

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God Marriage & Money

While talking about money may not be considered a romantic thing to do when you are engaged to be married, not talking about money may lead to divorce, which is definitely not romantic! Joint discussions about the family finances need

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The Way of a Fool

As a way to get ready for today’s blog, I went to the American Bible Society website, choose the NABRE version of the Bible, including the Deuterocanonicals and did a word search on “fool.” The search results showed there were

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Cosigning is Bad for Your Financial Health

Many people gladly cosign a loan thinking they are doing the right thing by helping someone out of a difficult situation. Cosigners are usually friends or relatives who sign loan papers for someone who’s not able to get a loan

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10 Steps to Build a Budget That Works

Many people cringe at the thought of a budget as it raises mental images of not being able to go anywhere, do anything or have any fun.  A budget seems to convey the feeling of restrictions and lots of record

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Doubting Thomas

“Thomas called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples said to him, ‘We have seen the Lord.’ But he said to them, ‘Unless I see the mark of the nails in

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Tax Cheats

Last week we blogged about getting organized so tax time is less stressful and more automated. This week’s blog is about another aspect of tax time – cheating! Most of us don’t enjoy paying taxes and many of us object

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Scaling Back: What I Don’t Buy

I often get bewildered looks from people when they find out that I only allot between $300-$400 per month for my grocery budget. My family consists of the five of us as well as two indoor cats and a few

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Financial Crisis

We regularly talk about managing our money the way God intended. As Catholics, we are called follow Jesus in every area of our lives – even when it comes to our money and possessions. But what happens when we experience

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Consumerism: The Modern-Day Serpent

“Now the snake was the most cunning of all the wild animals that the LORD God had made…the snake said to the woman: ‘You certainly will not die! God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will

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